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UPDATE: Early morning shots fired in Rupert, Deputies search for suspects

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Two people are in the hospital Friday night after a shooting. Now the search is on for the gunman.

59News spoke with neighbors and family members of the victims.

According to eyewitness Mickey Hendrix, it all began at 2 a.m. in Shaffer Park when a neighbor heard someone trying to steal her air conditioner out of her window. Hendrix told 59News the neighbor called two men, both her neighbors, to help her before she called the police.

"She thought someone was breaking in. Then the people chased the suspect through the trailer park and then went that way and started shooting and I know he came back around to shoot again, so I know he was intending to kill whoever it was," eyewitness and neighbor Mickey Hendrix said.

The victims's mother told 59News her son, Clinton Walker II, suffered a gunshot wound to his foot and was transported to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center. She identified the second victim as Kip Puffenbarger who was taken to CAMC with a gun shot wound to his head.

A bullet hole remains in the home from the shootout. Neighbors said it happened just a few feet away from where their kids sleep at night.

"I grabbed my kids and threw them on the floor and told them to get on the floor and stay down and they had no idea what was going on. It's taking a lot out of me to not grab my kids and hide away for a little while because of the insecurity that is now brought," neighbor and eyewitness Dianna Wiseman said.

She told us just last night she watched the movie Freedom Rides with her two kids.

"It was about gangs and inner city schools and my daughter asked me how many drive bys I've seen and I said I've seen my fair share but I've said you're here so you're safe and now I feel like an idiot for telling me daughter she's here and she's safe," said Wiseman.

The Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department are looking for a maroon Pontiac Grand Am with temporary tags. They said a heavy set white man with a beard was driving with 2 passengers in car.

If you have any information on the suspect, you're urged to call the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department at (304) 647-6634.







There were two people taken to the hospital after a shooting in Rupert during the early morning hours on Friday. The incident happened just after 2 a.m.

According to officials with the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Office the victims were shot at the intersection of Anjean Road and Route 60.  A homeowner reportedly thought they saw someone lurking outside.  When they came out to investigate the person jumped into a car and began shooting. 

The victims were taken to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  Deputies are searching for a heavy-set white man with a beard.  He is driving a maroon Pontiac Grand Am with temporary tags.  Investigators also said there were two other people in the car.