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Truck driver celebrates as appreciation week begins

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Without truckers, life in America as it is now would cease to exist. Professional truck drivers keep this country rolling.

Therefore, the West Virginia Trucking Association is taking this week to honor the 3.1 million professional truck drivers that deliver America's goods every day.

One driver, Anthony Thomas says he can't believe he waited so long to pick this career. He says if you're rested, you exercise, you eat right, its just like any other job. But unlike other jobs "you work alone, you travel, see the sights, see the county." Says Thomas

The men and women of the trucking industry drive over 390 billion miles each year. From groceries to household products, most of the items we come in contact with throughout the day have all come via a truck.

Thomas says it is just "driving and sleeping and trying to make it to your stop on time," but that "its pretty cool they're taking the time to honor us hard working truck drivers."

According to Jan Vineyard, President of the West Virginia Trucking Association, West Virginia's trucking industry supports 35,000 jobs.

So this week, take a moment and recognize professional truck drivers. The efficiency and safety drivers guarantee allow U.S. citizens to ship throughout America without worry.