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Thieves target wheels and tires from car dealerships

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Driving a new car off the lot in Raleigh County might be more difficult this week after several major car dealerships fall victim to thieves.
We're learning they're now after wheels and tires from all sorts of vehicles.
One of the latest incidents happened at L&S Toyota in Beckley on Friday, September 14.
General Manager Shawn Ball said this is the second car stripped of wheels in two weeks.

On both occasions, he said, all 4 tires were off the vehicle in about 5 minutes and gone from the premises in less than 15 minutes.
The crazy part about this incident, he says, is it happened around 9 p.m. and he was even in that lot just ten minutes after the theft happened.

"There are customers walking all around them and they're sneaking over the fences. We don't know how desperate these people are, if they are carrying weapons, what they are capable of and they are amongst us," said Ball.

About a month ago the wheels and tires were taken off of two trucks in a storage lot at Beckley Auto Mall and when our crews and the manager went to check them out Monday, they noticed another truck had been hit over the weekend.

Ball said they're hoping people in the community can help catch these crooks.
For instance, coming across a deal that just seems too good to be true.

"If someone offers you a set of tires and wheels for a price that seems a lot lower than the market value, let someone know, let the police know, let crime stoppers know, let me know," said Ball.

He said he takes every hit straight to the heart because they're losing hard earned money that could go to community charities and fundraisers.

"There are so many other things we could do with the money that we're losing and it's just disheartening," he added.

L&S Toyota said they are willing to offer an award to anyone with information leading to an arrest.
Or you can always get a reward with an anonymous tip through crime stoppers.
You can submit an anonymous tip at 304-255-STOP.