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Construction begins for new Lewisburg movie theater

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After many months of planning, builders are one more step closer to a brand new movie theater in lewisburg. Construction on the site is finally underway.

Earlier this year, the Lewisburg planning commission approved the storm water plans. Now construction workers are testing out those plans. Once they are finished they will begin laying the foundation for the theater.

Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester explained that the large holes currently on the property, the "big dirt excavation that you see now, are looking for the areas where the storm water retention ponds. So they have actually found two spots that look like they will work they're waiting for the rains to come and to fill those up so that it tests out and that is the final piece of the puzzle."

This is what has been keeping the project from moving forward but once they are able to find the proper water drainage holes, " we will be able to find a site, have the holes that will test out so the water will hold during storm events and will not flood out onto any body below them." said Manchester

No target date for completion of the theater complex has been announced yet, but everyone is  very hopeful now that construction has begun. "This has been the last piece that we've been trying to help them work out and once its resolved," Manchester said, "I think the community will be very well please that we have such a nice movie theater complex."