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Roads closed after flash flood hits Greenbrier county

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Greenbrier county can usually expect some flooding when severe weather hits. All over the county on Friday, houses were emerged in water and streets covered with small streams after hours and hours of heavy rainfall.

One driver, who was caught in the weather, said "you really did have to slow down, use some caution, wiper blades were at its high setting of course. And really pay attention to the roads. There was just so much water on the roads, that you really did just have to be slow and just use caution."

Emergency crews worked over time to keep cars out of the water and drivers off the road.

Officials were on the scene in Rupert, where there were some of the worse conditions . A crew of firefighters had to tow several cars from the water. They said they couldn't drain the water and "there's nothing we can do right now just wait for it to quit raining and hope for the best."

There were several road closures in Rupert headed towards Rainelle. Most everything from Sam Black exit on I-64 was blocked off.

In reaction to the sudden flooding, some drivers decided to stay home. Those that did venture out allowed plenty of time between cars and slowed down.

Al Whitaker, Director at Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said they are doing everything they can to keep drivers safe. Crews "blocked off sections of the road that [they] did not feel were stable. [Emergency management] hopes to have everything open and running again as soon as it is safe."