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"Crossfit" enthusiasts work hard while giving back to local kids

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Exercise enthusiasts from Southern West Virginia on Saturday got to enjoy their favorite craft while giving back to kids in our area who are in need.

59News was at the United Methodist Temple in Beckley.

C4 Fitness Ministry hosted a team workout event to raise money for United Methodist Temple's FOLK (Feed our local kids) project where over 400 meals will be packed and sent home every Friday to feed children over the weekends who are in need. Each team's entry fee will feed one student for the entire school year.

"A lot of kids in our community go home on Friday and that's the last meal they get until Monday," United Methodist Temple attendee Lowell Maynor said.

Between mile runs, dumbbell lifts and burpies that never end participants told 59News the workouts are challenging, but exciting.

"Every 25 minutes they are doing a different workout. They have a 10 minute break and then it starts again," C4 coach Pete Staton said.

"I struggle with the upper body motions. The pull ups and push ups. My strengths are definitely lower body," said enthusiast Tiffany Radford.

Exercise enthusiasts told 59News why all the blood, sweat and tears left on the floor is worth it.

"It's our chance to bring people to Christ and to have a close knit family to rely on and come together to work out and get fit and come together to raise money and help feed our local kids," Radford told us.

Maynor said not only are they giving to the kids, the kids are giving something back to them as well.

"We've been doing it for three weeks now and a lot of the kids will send us notes and pictures and it's amazing how thankful they are to get the extra food for the weekends," he said.

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