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2 are behind bars after the public helps make the arrests

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Two men are jailed Wednesday night after breaking into a public broadcasting building in Wyoming County last week.

The Wyoming County Sheriff's Department arrested Keith Dotson and Joe Torres Wednesday afternoon. 59News found out how the public assisted deputies in making the swift arrest.

The popular saying "the camera doesn't lie" definitely applies here.

"The response started to come in just right after the newscast of hey I know who this is this is so and so," Wyoming County Sheriff Randall Aliff said.

Deputies told 59News they were able to make a swift arrest after this surveillance video of them breaking into the "PBS" on Kopperston Mountain was shown. The men were identified by the public.

Sheriff Aliff gave praises to the community for taking action and identifying the criminals.

"Especially in Wyoming and other counties as well, if we put something up that we need help with, the public is excellent with helping us solve these crimes," he said.

The Sheriff told us how rewarding it is to make the arrest the same day the search warrants were issued as well as to make the arrest just one week after the incident.

"It's always good when you solve a crime within a reasonable amount of time because a lot of times we get crimes where the leads are few and far between and difficult to solve. It's tremendous to know we got these guys and they'll be going to jail," said Aliff.

He also told us deputies were able to retrieve everything Torres and Dotson stole: a heater, monitor and air compressor.

"Actually we do recover quite a bit of merchandise that has been stolen. You might go into a house from a search warrant and find stolen property that is related from other crimes," said Aliff.

Torres and Dotson are charged with breaking and entering. They are being held in Southern Regional Jail on $20,000 each.