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Fayetteville residents will soon see 14% rate hike in water bill

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A rate hike was just approved Thursday affecting almost 200,000 West Virginians.
Those living in parts of Fayette County will see the biggest jump.
59News spoke with upset customers of a West Virginia American Water company.

"Wow, you know, some people can't afford it," Fayetteville resident Sandra Miller said.

The state Public Service Commission just approved an agreement raising rates by 6.7 percent.
Customers with the Fayetteville water system will see a 14 percent rate increase.
The steep hike in Fayetteville is to help pay for repairs to a sewage treatment plant the company acquired in 2008.
All rates will raise beginning October 11th.

"We live outside town so we don't have the city sewer. But the people that have city sewer, their rates will increase so much too because it's based on their water and how much they use. I feel sorry for people that are on a fixed income that won't be able to afford it," Miller said.

Fayetteville residents tell me they are going to start cutting down on everyday expenses to compensate for the costs.

"Eat out less and not flush their commodes as much and do less laundry and their house won't be as clean because some people just absolutely can not afford it," she told us.

Residents aren't the only ones affected by the steep rate. Small businesses and restaurants who constantly use water are feeling the pinch in their wallets as well.

"The bathrooms, the hand washing dishes, cleaning, making teas, sodas. We are super busy and our water bills are pretty big anyways so 14 percent is going to be a little bigger for us than for most people I would think," General Manager of Pies and Pints, Angie Bard told us.

This rate increase represents West Virginia American Water's case since the Company's acquisition of the Town of Fayetteville's wastewater system in 2008.