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Local senior citizens now concerned with their Social Security

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One government agency not expected to be impacted by the possible government shut down is Social Security. However, there could be delays.

59News spoke with senior citizens on edge here at home in Southern West Virginia.

"We have a lot of people who live solely on social security. If by chance they would not go out, if it would be delayed for a few weeks or something, it really would throw the elderly of Raleigh County into a panic," said Mary Bowyer, volunteer at the Raleigh County Commission on Aging.

Crystal Foley, a social worker at the Raleigh County Commission on Aging, told 59News if Social Security or Medicaid were tampered with, most of their senior citizens would no longer have the financial means to enjoy their normal activities.

"We probably wouldn't see many senior citizens out here because they wouldn't afford the gas to get here or to do anything. They wouldn't be able to do anything, they wouldn't afford to live much less be able to come out and enjoy a place like this," Foley said.

"I worked 35 years for my social security so I figure I fulfilled my obligation so they can now fulfill there's," said Thomas Ward.

Senior citizens told 59News not only would it harm them but it would have a domino effect on the entire community as well.

"All other resources in the area are going to feel the effects if they would take social security away, not just this place but food banks, DHHR will be overwhelmed with seniors applying for different programs such as Snap benefits are Medicaid," Foley said.

"It would effect the economy as a whole, people's money and people's livelihood," Ward told us.

"Utilities would have to wait to receive payment. Pharmaceutical houses where drug stores are dependent upon Medicare payments, doctors offices and clinical's and hospitals. Yes, I could see the entire community suffering," Bowyer concluded.