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Majorette WV Magic- Baton twirlers take skills to Varsity halftime shows

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If you have ever been to a Meadow Bridge, Greenbrier West or Midland Trail football halftime show, chances are you've seen the West Virginia Magic.

"Football and twirling kind of go together in my mind, its like a lost art that I'm trying to bring back," said head coach Rhonda Martin.

Martin, the heart and soul behind the 10-12 year old majorettes, is trying to increase popularity of the sport. Along side her, is B. J. Crookshanks.

"Majorette is a dying breed. I hate to say that. But, this has boosted it. Many communities when we are in a parade will see the girls coming and say, 'wow majorettes, that's something we don't see anymore,'" said Crookshanks.

There are 6 girls that make up the Magic squad, Jewelia Shrewsbery, Karli Pomeroy, Reegan Lively, Lillian Claypool, Kinsley Cuwinn, and Alyssa Burdette. None of the members are even in high school yet. But, they get to perform at Varsity football games.

"It's exciting but it's nervous at the same time," Pomeroy described her halftime experiences.

For most of the girls, like Shrewsbery, twirling has become a way of life.

"It's what I like to do, I love doing it and I love being with my friends. It's a part of me now and I love it," said Shrewsbery.

Even her little sister Presley has already picked up the baton.

While the girls learn a lot and have fun, for the coaches it means so much more.

"It's just something you love, as I've told the girls before, if you hear a good song on the radio you just want to grab a baton and dance," said Crookshanks.

Martin added, "Every time I see that child, that child runs over and hugs my neck, and if that's all I take away from it that I've made a little bit of an impact on their life. Then I've done something huge for them and for me."

The girls season will run through November, but the memories of their time as a majorette will last forever.