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Fayetteville to face big competition, Geno leads Jets to win

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---It's week 7 of high school football and Fayetteville will face one of the toughest teams on their schedule Friday.

They will host Moorefield who is 5-1 and has been a tough team to beat all season. The Pirates are coming off 3 straight losses but all were fairly close. Despite their 2-4 record Athletic Director Dan Poland knows their team is capable of so much more.

"We've had some bad breaks, and Coach Spangler just told the kids today that you have to get lucky in anything and we're just not getting lucky at the right time. But, our record doesn't talk about how good of a football team we are, we are a really good football team," said Poland.

---Despite a hefty number of turnovers this season, Geno Smith is slowly establishing his role as the franchise quarterback all Jets fans were hoping he would be. He came one step closer last night in their win against the Falcons.

"It was a great team effort, I'm so happy we won this way, instead of taking it a different way, but that just shows that we are a football team and we are fearless and that's what it took today," said Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

According to ESPN, Smith is the second rookie quarterback to go on the road in Monday Night Football history and lead his team to a win.