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34th annual Bridge Day comes to Fayette County

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So what is it that possesses 450 jumpers to willingly free fall almost 1,000 feet off the world's 2nd largest single-span arch bridge?

"The inside scoop is that when you first see it, you say I'm never doing that," said Chris Santacroce from Salt Lake City.

You just jumped off a bridge, what is going through your mind right now?

"I need to go do another jump," Eric Finn from New York told 59News.

How would you describe the feeling of jumping off a bridge?

"Woo! Yeah!" Santacroce exclaimed.

A lot of people told us that they wouldn't jump for a million dollars, but we bet you guys would still bridge jump even if offered a million dollars to not jump...

"It's true. Very True," said Santacroce.

"Bridge jumping is not for everybody. Usually people just play golf. I guess we are different breed," Finn said.

"Pretty soon your brain does a 180 in your head and then all of a sudden you can't imagine NOT jumping. Jethro and I went to China and jumped off the world's tallest bridge. This one is right up there with it. It's so beautiful here and it's fall, it's my favorite time of year," Santacroce continued.

43 states were represented at Bridge Day, there's a group base jumping all the way from Russia and even a man in a wheel chair that just jumped off this bridge.

"I just got back from a trip to Switzerland doing jumps there. Norway is next, then back to Switzerland," Finn told us.

"Most of us start living under bridges and in tents like a troll. It's just about a passion in life, it's not about money. It's just real moments and real life experiences," said Santacroce.

Bridge Day is always the 3rd Saturday in October.