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Stratton Elementary- Honda Sports Team of the Week

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Stratton Elementary basketball team took on Hollywood Elementary in their last game of the season.

Looking at the packed stands you would think it was a varsity game with parents, siblings, fans and lots of cheerleaders.

Former LSU basketball player and local legend Gene Nabors coaches the 3rd through 5th graders.

"Just do what's right for them, just try to teach them about life and everything, and make them have fun and stuff, even though we like to win and everything its most important they have fun," said Nabors.

The Bulldogs were having fun, for most of the game.

At the start of the fourth quarter the game heated up when Stratton was only leading by 3. With four 6-minute quarters and kids their age Coach Nabors knows he has got to get him team to pay attention.

"As long as you concentrate and pay attention for 24 minutes you will have fun out there," he said.

They did keep their concentration, they were trailing by a point with 42 seconds left the bulldogs hit a free throw to tie, one that sent the game into overtime.

Both teams showed a lot of heart, but the Bulldogs never gave up and their tenacity and love of the game pulled off the win.

For many players, this will be the last season they will play under the guidance of this loyal coach, but they will never forget the overtime win or the fun of the game.