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Panic at Oak Hill High School Wednesday

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Confusion and panic plagued Oak Hill High School in Fayette County on Wednesday.  Superintendent Keith Butcher said 250 students went absent on Thursday in Fayette County schools.

On Wednesday, while a faulty fire alarm went off, a student filmed the evacuation, superimposed violent images, then uploaded the video to social media. Police then found writing on the men's bathroom wall suggesting violence in the school. This came just days after a 12 year old in Nevada allegedly shot and killed his teacher and wounded two other students. The very next day in Boston a 14 year old allegedly stabbed his teacher to death.

"I think it's affected every school system in the nation. One of the things we've been doing is more professional development with our service providers, our psychologists and our teachers so that we develop closer relationships with our students," Butcher said.

Oak Hill High School goes through periodic lock down drills, but on Thursday they took safety measures two steps further.

"This morning we did book bag searches on all of our students and we had them go through metal detectors, every last student," Oak Hill High Assistant principal Katie Hayes said.

"I think it was necessary because students can bring anything into the school. You never know what they can have, a gun or anything so I think today was done very well," said Oak Hill High senior Jacob Kemlock.

Oak Hill High is the only school in Fayette County to have an officer patrolling the grounds at all times. New River Elementary School is the only one in Fayette County with a double door system where visitors must explain their reasons for coming to the school.

The superintendent also told us in their 10 year plan they would like to include a double door system in every school in Fayette county. They are now 3 years into Fayette County Schools 10 year plan.