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Wheeling Park Student Battling Cancer Using What He's Learned to Help Others

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A Wheeling Park High School student battling cancer is using what he's learned to help others.

16-year-old Michael Carroll is a Wheeling Park student who was diagnosed with Leukemia at age six. After two years of fighting, he beat the illness, and at age eight, got a puppy named Dino in celebration.

Seven years later, Michael got the devastating news that he has Glioblastoma, a grade-four tumor most likely caused by the radiation from his Leukemia treatments. But, he was still strong willed and ready to fight.

On June 20, Michael had a surgery in which 80 percent of the tumor was removed.

Three days later, an idea struck him. He drew and molded three mascots all with his left hand, as his right hand isn't working properly due to his tumor. The three mascots represent different types of childhood cancers, and he's also created a website all about his "Meanies."

Michael wants these mascots to eventually be stress balls for young cancer patients to get their stress and frustrations out.

The community has been extremely supportive of "Michael's Meanies." A week ago, the community came together and raised money for Michael. In front of a cheering crowd, he received $1,800 to go toward his medical costs.

Michael's Meanies is moving forward and has been accepted by a company in China. They plan to see sample of the stress balls sometime next week.