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October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Domestic violence awareness has been observed in October for almost 25 years but it sometimes gets overshadowed by the equally important breast cancer awareness.

Every where you look in October, its pink this and pink that. On ribbons, the football field, even at the grocery store. But there is another cause this month that is just as important, National Domestic Violence Awareness.

During the month of October, the Family Refuge Center in Lewisburg focuses on the problems domestic violence creates and the possible solutions. They sold pretzels and TOOT and put up signs around downtown Lewisburg in recognition of the month saying "no more". The saying stands for zero tolerance of domestic and sexually violence with no more silence and no more violence.

Pamela Pritt, the Community Education and Communications Coordinator at the center, says it's "really important to raise awareness about domestic violence because it's the number one cause of injury to women in the united states. and until we decide that its not okay, until we decide to educate our girls about how to be and dress but when we educate our boys that they also have responsibility in this, regardless of the situation, we're always going to be fighting this fight."

According to the West Virginia Collation Against Domestic Violence, a call is made to a domestic violence hotline in West Virginia every nine minutes. So October may be packed with awareness, but don't overlook the awareness of domestic violence.

Call the Family Refuge Center in Lewisburg 304-645-6334 to find out how you , or a loved one, can receive the help needed,and help bring an end to domestic violence in West Virginia.