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Parents wonder why playground equipment is not being set up

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Some parents of students at Beckley Elementary School are wondering why nothing's being done with a pile of playground equipment sitting behind the school. Monday, 59 News learned how long of a process it actually is to install these things safely.

It all started two years ago when a teacher applied for a grant through the Beckley Area Foundation to get the preschoolers their own set of new playground equipment.  Last year around this time they got the grant and were able to purchase the $7,000 jungle gym.

But it's been sitting unassembled in boxes since last November, leaving parents wondering just what is the wait all about.

"It's like a toy you get it and you want that instant gratification, but we found out it's not so simple there's a timeline and a process," said Principal Patricia Day.

Before they even think about setting it up, they've got to find a certified contractor that's licensed to set up that specific playground.  After two years of waiting... they are making moves.  Last week they had the playground surveyed and a contractor recommended to do the job.

Teachers and faculty say the process can't go quickly enough, the preschoolers have hardly anything to play on and the older kids have an entire jungle gym behind their playground.  The playground for the preschoolers has to be a specific height so it's safe for the 3 and 4 year olds.

And Principal Day said their safety is more important than the wait.

After the two year process of trying to get a new playground for the preschoolers, they're finally moving forward, they're in the stage of bidding on a contractor.