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Scams to watch out for

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Scammers have been going door to door this Halloween wanting tricks rather than treats.

Suspects in the Bluefield and Bramwell areas went to people's home and said they are with the Salvation Army. They then asked for donations for Toy's for Tots.

The Salvation Army in Bluefield wants to warn locals about these scammers. They said that they do not typically go door to door to ask for money but instead ask businesses. They also said that they never solicit during the Halloween season. Toy's for Tots is not even a program connected with the Salvation Army.

Jerry Lester with the Bluefield Salvation army said he "doesn't know how anyone could steal money from such a good cause." He said that when "you take money that you know is not going to the people and if you're not bring that money back to the Salvation Army saying here we went out and got this, what you're doing is you're taking that money ... out of some kids mouth that we could buy groceries for or maybe pay a bill or whatever, that's what you're doing, you're stealing that money."

Lester said that anyone wanting to help out the Salvation Army can sponsor a bell ringer during the holiday season. For more information, contact your local Salvation Army.