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Fayette County group holds 1st annual Thanksgiving food drive

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People are coming together in our area to help feed the hungry.

The Southern Appalachian Labor School is asking for donations to meet their goal of raising 5,000 pounds of food to be used in their pantries in Oak Hill and Beards Fork.

Organizer Barb Painter told 59News she understands the needs of the community and is happy to lend a hand.

"With the snap benefits, or food stamps, and with the holidays, we would like to be able to have food in the pantries to be able to assist those in need," Painter said.

This is just a small selection of the food they already have collected but they are in need of much more. They're accepting all donations of non-perishable food items.

"We can use anything that is non-perishable. Canned foods, peanut butter and jelly, and all the quick fix dinners, we just don't have the space to store produce," Painter told us.

To better suit the needs of our area, she said they may have their 2nd annual food drive in the summer-time instead.

"Most organizations around the holiday start their food drive and we might move this food drive to the middle of the summer when there's not so many people asking for donations," she told 59News.

Painter believes everyone is welcome to come and get all the food their families want and need.

"A lot of time people are embarrassed and if they're in a bad situation they shouldn't be embarrassed by it. Just know that there are agencies out there who are willing and caring and want to help them," said Painter.

You can drop off non-perishables anytime between now and November 10th at the Historic Oak Hill School or SALS Community Center in Beards Fork.