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Walmart aids in Meth Lab bust

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Your neighborhood Walmart has more than just the lowest prices. One location in Lewisburg lead police to a nearby meth lab. Matthew Ray Falls, 37, was arrested for attempting to produce meth.

Police were initially called on a shoplifting charge when Falls was suspected of stealing cold compress. Falls confessed that he tried to steal the cold compress in order to make meth. The Walmart pharmacy also alerted police that he was attempting to purchase other materials with ingredients to make methamphetamine.

Falls was charged in Lewisburg with the attempt for buying the material and then by state police at his residence for an actual meth lab.

Stover said this is not the first time Walmart has aided an arrest. He said Walmart "calls about shoplifting arrests quite frequently ... we get a lot of calls from Walmart for shoplifting related type things. Sometimes they move into these type of investigations."

Falls also admitted that he tried to make meth before in the residence he shares with his wife and children, but the meth exploded.

Falls currently is in Southern Regional Jail on 80 thousand dollar bond. A preliminary hearing has been set for November 6. If convicted, Falls faces a maximum prison sentence of up to 30 years.