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Lower gas prices in the mountain state

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Lower gas prices in the mountain state should mean happy drivers. With prices down about 3 cents per gallon in the past week, many drivers said that just saving 3 cents per gallon isn't enough.

Some said the price should go down to a dollar fifty, or even a dollar.

Regardless of the price drop, there are other ways to save at the pump. Choosing a gas station with the lowest price is one way. You might even be able to use your smart phone to find the best gas prices. Apps like gas buddy and gas guru help to locate the lowest prices around.

Other drivers found that going across the boarder to Virginia, saved them a buck. One driver, Harold Marshall, said he believes the gas is cheaper in Virginia is because of the "taxes. Its not lower now, in West Virginia, because Virginia has got the same price of gas but their tax is less."

No matter which method, everyone agreed that saving at least some money at the pump, really helps.