Former PikeView High School Coach Jonathan Kirk Pleaded Guilty to Sex Charges

[image] A former educator and coach plead guilty to numerous sex charges. His victims---underage female PikeView High School students.

Jonathan Kirk, a former educator and coach, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to numerous sex charges. His victims, underage female PikeView High School students, spoke out after the plea hearing.

"He always told us to take it to the grave.  That's the only thing he told us after it happened was to take it to the grave," One of the victims said after Kirk's plea hearing.

It was a secret multiple underage PikeView High School girls all shared for months. Their gym teacher, Jonathan Kirk was making inappropriate sexual advances towards many of his female students. After months of investigating, Kirk was arrested in March and charged with 18 counts of sex related crimes involving students. But as part of a plea deal, all but six of the charges were dropped.

One of the victims whose identity we are protecting tells us exactly what happened to her and why she believes that justice was not served.

"There was texting, flirting, the stretching, putting his junk on the back of me. He (would) stick his tongue down our throats at the same time, and we are sitting here looking at him and hearing his charges and ours is not one of the one's he pleaded guilty to, it is not a good feeling at all," the girl said.

According to Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, George Sitler, the state did not want to subject the young girls to trauma that is associated with testifying in court, but the victims who spoke after the plea hearing said they were willing to take the stand.

"Children are scared, and teachers and other people in a position of trust need to honor the trust that is given to them by society," Stiler said.

The prosecution said there is reason to believe there may have been more girls who were abused.  And the victims we spoke with have a strong message for any other victims who still have not come forward.

"I feel like that if that is happening, you need to come forward because something could be done about it. I hope that something happens and he gets more time," one of the female victims said.

With the charges Kirk is facing, the maximum sentence would be 20 years in prison. Jonathan Kirk will be sentenced in January.


A Mercer County man pleads guilty to sexual abuse and other charges.

Jonathan Kirk appeared in court, Tuesday morning.    Kirk, a former coach and teacher in Mercer County, was arrested last year on sex charges involving students at PikeView High School.  

Kirk was originally charged with 18 counts of sex related crimes involving students.   As part of the plea deal, all but six were dropped.   

He still faces up to 20 years in prison. 

59 News spoke to two of Kirk's victims today about their reaction to the court hearing.

Hear what they have to say, tonight on 59 news at five and six.

Jonathan Kirk will be sentenced in January.

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