The most effective way to help those affected by the Typhoon


We're working for you to find out the most effective way you here in Southern West Virginia can help those affected by the Typhoon in the Philippines.

Almost 600,000 are displaced.

More airports are opening to allow more flights to carry aid. Beckley Ready's Kevin Taylor shares with us what they need the most. He told us while those who donate have the right intentions, it's most effective to find a reputable organization with storage ability and the means to ship donations and necessities.

"Often times with the infrastructure and coordination efforts not there, sometimes that causes more harm than good. The intent is good but not the end result. Funding is what is needed and then those organizations better prepared to utilize it will put it to the best use," Taylor said.

Smaller organizations with the means to assist are coming together to make 285,000 meals. In Princeton, Heaven Sent Ministries is partnering with a group in Ohio to make the meals to be shipped to the Philippines within the next two weeks.

"It's a food packet that has 4 ingredients: rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and chicken flavor," Lyle Mullins told us.

Mullins explained how each meal includes everything essential to have the greatest impact on the hungry.

"They're specially formulated to target the immune system of starving children so they are highly nutritious meals. They have a lot of protein and 21 essential vitamins," Mullins said.

If you'd like to donate, $65 will pay for a box, and a box contains 216 meals.

For more information on Heaven Sent Ministries' Typhoon relief efforts, visit 


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