Helping victims of Marlinton fire

Donations from around the community came flooding in for the thirteen families who were displaced by Sunday's fire. Roger Cline lived on the top floor of one of the collapsed buildings and said he had no time to go back inside for his belongings. "Everything I've owned for 68 years is in our apartment and its gone now." he said on Thursday.

Roger Ray, who shared the apartment with his father, says the support from the community has been overwhelming. "It's just amazing we had no idea that folks would help us and feel this way. Its just crazy, but I want to thank everybody, everybody from everywhere. The fire departments, red cross, all of our friends, people we don't even know were out here helping us. And we thank God and thank them."

Even though they lost everything, they are moving into a new house and are ready for a fresh start. The local food pantry will give the victims Thanksgiving dinner. Cline and Ray said they are looking forward to sitting down with their family in their new home.

The donated goods that are not needed, the families have asked those items be sold and the money be put into a disaster relief fund. If people want to donate to the fire department, they should send a check to Marlinton Fire at the Pendleton Community Bank at:




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