Firefighters look back on five day fight in Marlinton


Five days after Marlinton's city block started burning, there was still flames and smoke coming out of the demolished scene Thursday.

"It's just unreal to most of us what happened we gave it 110% on everything we could do and it just seemed like we couldn't get what we needed to be done done but we gave it all our effort," said First Lieutenant J.P. Duncan.

Duncan said the big corner building's structure is what made this a five day fight.

"There's so much that we discovered afterward that there were windows on the second floor that went over to the dirt bean and once it got over there it just went crazy in this large timber structure," said Duncan.

In the most intense moments, fire crews from five different counties came in to help, and they even had to get extra water after the city lines were sucked dry.

"We had water supply from the river actually pumped right to the scene and all the tankers went to the surrounding areas and brought water back right to the scene," said Duncan.

Duncan said the department wishes they could have stopped the spreading faster but they're still pleased overall.

"We feel that we had some loss but we saved life. We lost no lives so everybody is extremely happy about that," he said.

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