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McDowell County holds mock train vs school bus accident drill

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McDowell County emergency responders held a mock accident on Friday with real people.

It's an annual drill to cut down response time and help to save lives. 59News reporter Jessie Gavin takes us to the accident in Welch.

25 River View High School students climbed aboard a bus and simulated a train versus school bus accident.

"They had all kinds of injuries ranging from head injuries to burns to broken bones. They were transported by ambulance and the fire department responded with hazardous material that was in the vehicle," McDowell County 911 Director Teresa VanDyke said.

Once the training session was complete, she walked us through how they can improve.

"The personnel when you have volunteer firemen and a limited number of EMS, it's always important to look at those resources that we are limited with to practice on how to get additional resources in as we need them," she told us.

Besides being a great learning tool for the kids, she said they had a little fun as well.

"Those kids were so hyped and pumped before hand. We used the 911 centers as a makeshift hospital and when they were transported and dropped off they were still hyped and saying hey look at my injuries," said VanDyke.

VanDyke told 59News not only did the students take away excitement from the drill, she hopes they see the bigger picture.

"Hopefully give them the desire to become volunteer firemen, law enforcement, emergency medical providers, even 911 dispatchers. We would hope that that is the knowledge that they would take with them, to give them a desire to help others," she told us.

These training sessions have taken place every year for the past 5-10 years.