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Don't hunt alone

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Despite the dangers, many hunters prefer to go out into the woods alone, but being alone increase the risks.

Natural Resource Police Officer Jason Hudson said that going out alone means that if something happens, no one can help. Hudson said, "if you do get lost, there's no body that's going to be able to find you or if you get hurt how is somebody going to know to get help for you and so forth. So it's good to have somebody with you or at least definitely know where you're going to be at."

Something as simple as a twisted ankle or a weather storm can turn life threatening when you're out in the woods by yourself.

Seasoned hunters say preparing before the hunt is the most important step. Experts recommend filling out a hunting plan, which will tell others the length of your trip, before heading out.

The best thing is to take a cell phone with you so that in case were to happen and something to start a fire with in case you do get lost and have to stay the night.

Be sure you have somebody with you and don't hunt alone.