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Concord students react to 3 football player arrests

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Friday night 3 football players were arrested and subsequently suspended from the football team just hours before the Mountain East title game on Saturday.

"Their future is pretty much over probably, there will be a lot of consequences," said Christina Amos, a student at Concord University.

Along with the charges that these men face, they were not allowed to play in the Mountain Lions last home game against undefeated Shepherd on Saturday. A win would not only have gotten the team a conference title, but also a chance to have a postseason.

"One of those guys was one of the best defensive backs we have on the team, and had we had him maybe that last touchdown they had to seal the game could have been stopped. Because he's a fast guy and could have stopped that," Christian Bell said.

That player was Riyahd Richardson. A pre-season all American cornerback that was also an NFL prospect.

In the 3 players statements it appears the altercation occurred during a drug deal, which leads to the question- Should student-athletes be drug tested?

Many students think so.

The NCAA randomly drug tests Division 1 and Division 2 athletes throughout the year. But, many fly under the radar. .

While the students say they don't like the negative spotlight this incident shines on the University, they are pleased with how it's being handled.

"It makes us look bad but in the same light makes us look good. That we are not just going to sweep this under the rug and that we are actually going to take charge for it and it shows we do hold people to a higher standard," said Al McCreary.

The University and Athletic Department released a statement about the arrests and said that they expect their athletes to be role models and leaders in the community, and they do NOT condone the type of behavior that the players have been charged with.