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What happens after someone escapes from the Beckley Correctional Center?

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 Lately 59News has told you about several inmates who have escaped from correctional centers in our area.  We were wondering how and why this is happening.

Michael Morrision was taken into custody on Friday.  The details about his escape are not being released.  And just last week, Kevin Burford was captured after a month on the run.  Deputies say he escaped from the Beckley Correctional Center and then about a month later, he was captured in Glasgow, Kanawha County, after a drug investigation.

We have learned the correctional center is designed for people who were in jail or prison, who are nearing the end of their sentences.

"We don't send murders to work release.  We don't send sex offenders to work release," said Mike Coleman with the West Virginia Department of Corrections

Morrision was serving time for forging in Webster County and Burford was serving time for the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance.

People at the correctional center are allowed to work.  Many work at fast food restaurants and in the coal mines.  Some even go to school during the day.  But they are required to return back to the center at night.

When someone escapes 59News has learned that law enforcement officers and the media are notified immediately.

"We have certain officers who are trained to help to track and apprehend fugitives and we also have a good working relationship with state police," said Coleman.

If escapees do not return to the center and they are caught, they usually have to go state prison.