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Shoppers comment on early Black Friday Sales

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Stores and shoppers in Raleigh County are getting ready for black Friday this week.  Some stores are opening their doors even earlier this year.

For the past few years, Black Friday shopping has gotten closer and closer to invading the Thanksgiving holiday.  And this year, some stores have decided they're not waiting until after turkey dinner to open their doors.

K-Mart will start door-buster sales at 6 in the morning on Thanksgiving day.  Walmart, Sear's, and Kohl's are waiting until Thanksgiving evening to open.

We asked people what they think about starting Black Friday a whole day early.

"I don't like crowds, I want to shop online and stay inside and bake my turkey," said shopper Paulette Hazle.

"I will be here! I'm trying to get some deals," said shopper La'Neisha Johnson.

Johnson said shopping on Thursday will not be cutting into her family time this Thanksgiving.

"Not early in the morning I'll be Black Friday shopping and then I'll be with my family in the evening," said Johnson.

Some said it's fine if people want to come shopping on the holiday but they feel bad for the store employees who have to be there.

"It is a lot especially for people who have families that work I did it for a lot of years and it's hard, you miss a lot," said Hazle.

Most major retailers have already released their Black Friday ads online.