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Poachers arrested for spot lighting 20 deer

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The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources recovered decapitated deer bodies and piles of racks after they were notified to spot lighting and deer poaching around the southern part of the state.

After multiple complaints, DNR officers made several arrests. Hunters in four counters are now facing multiple charges. The officers said that the hunter's most likely wanted the horns off the deer. They said "a lot of it's bragging rights for the guys that want to go out here and shoot buck. They just go out, they shoot the deer, leave it laying and cut the horns off."

lieutenant Brogan said, "when they poach a deer out of season, then that deer's not out there and they basically stole that animal from the West Virginian sportsmen of this state."

Tips from locals helped DNR officers make their arrests. Brogan encourages anyone who notices suspicious activity to contact them immediately. Their offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5pm.