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State Police crack down on meth labs

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West Virginia State Police said since the end of October in Greenbrier, Summers, Fayette and Raleigh counties 9 meth labs were busted and 3 abandoned dump sites were found.

That lead to the arrests of 18 people.  Those people are facing a total of almost 50 felony charges in connection to their meth labs.

Here's a list of all people facing charges.

A home on Cow Town Road in Meadow Bridge has been condemned because of how contaminated it's become.  State Troopers said a lot of their tips come from these people's neighbors who see the meth ingredients outside their homes.

"They are using 20oz bottles or 1 liter bottles and they have a rock like white substance inside, they'll have Coleman fuel cans just laying out in the front yard," said Trooper Lee Price.

Troopers said meth labs are one of the hardest things to crack down on because of how dangerous they are.  Not just any law enforcement officer can enter one of these homes - they have to be specially trained to deal with these explosive materials.

People in Meadow Bridge said they are pleased that the police are here and trying to get rid of these meth labs, especially ones that have contaminants just laying around in the front yard.

Troopers said they are trying to get the message out to the public that without your help, some of these places may never get busted.

"More and more people are understanding this is what a meth lab is this is what I need to look for, if I see this or smell this I need to contact law enforcement," said Trooper Mike Baylous.

People in Meadow Bridge said the problem has gotten so bad, even their local grocery stores lock up certain ingredients needed to make meth.