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Beckley residents react to string of pharmacy armed robberies

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Deputies say the Rite Aid on Robert C. Byrd Drive near Beckley was robbed at gunpoint Friday night.

It hasn't been the only pharmacy held at gun or knife point lately in our area.

59News reporter Jessie Gavin has the latest.

According to the Raleigh County Sheriffs' Office, a suspect entered Rite Aid dressed in all dark clothing and a mask. Deputies told 59News the suspect showed a handgun to employees and demanded money, then left the store on foot with cash.

The same Rite Aid was also robbed at gunpoint on September 11th. Just last month the Rite Aid on Johnstown Road was robbed at knife point and the suspect ran off with an undisclosed amount of merchandise.

59News found out from Beckley residents if this string of pharmacies being robbed is now alarming to them.

"Pharmacies? Wow, now that's shocking. But I guess you never know what people want these days," Mack Randall told us.

"I think when you come from a pharmacy they know what you have. With jobs the way it is, people are just out stealing, they'll take it out of your car or out of your purse." Linda Taylor said.

Taylor offered her advice on how to prevent yourself from becoming a target while shopping in pharmacies.

"Your best bet is to keep your stuff in your pocket and try not to carry your purse with you. If you have to go at night, lock your doors and make sure they put it in a bag that doesn't have the pharmacy labeled on it, as if you just bought a pop or potato chips," Taylor told us.

"I may not go to pharmacies anymore, but yeah I will definitely be more cautious," said Randall.

Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to call the Raleigh County Sheriff's Department.