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Lady Tigers volleyball snag Honda Sports Team of the Week honors

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---The Honda Sports team of the week this week is the Shady Spring Elementary volleyball team!

Lidia Screen submitted the nomination, The Lady Tigers had a great season and went all the way to the Raleigh County Volleyball finals before falling to Daniels. But, Screen said the girls played their hearts out all season and they love the game.

Coach Terri Stover added that the girls were always ready to work and listen and that everyone improved. For three players it was their first year and they worked to earn starting spots.

Stover also said that they were undefeated in the season and ended up runners-up in the county that consisted of 21 elementary schools.

---In the Steelers v. Ravens game on Thursday Mike Tomlin over-stepped his boundaries, literally.

Ravens' Jacoby Jones was returning a punt when Tomlin's right foot went into play and interfered with the return. It appeared that Jones could have had a chance to score a touchdown had the Steelers' coach not been in his path.

The play caused lots of controversy, people questioning whether or not it was intentional. In a press conference Tuesday Tomlin spoke out about what happened.

"Embarrassing, inexcusable, illegal, a blunder, being many of the things I use to describe it. I take full responsibility for my actions on that play, I acknowledge that my actions became part of the play," said Tomlin.

He emphasized that it was completely an accident and was by no means intentional.

The Ravens won the game 22-20.