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Residents of flood-prone areas tell us how to stay safe in inclement weather

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What flood precautions should we take here in Southern West Virginia?

Residents in flood-prone areas of Raleigh County told 59News they've seen some of the most dangerous waters over the past few years.

A woman who lives right next to a creek recalls for us just how bad it can get during a flood.

"I've seen this before and the whole bottom was covered. It was everywhere, it was up to my knees, it was really bad," Beaver resident Ruby Bennett said.

Another resident of flood-prone areas shared with us her plans for when weather takes a turn for the worst.

"I would stock up on candles, milk, water and if you have a generator that would be great just in case the lights go out," Mera Myer told us.

But for Bennett, when she knows a flood is about to hit, that's when she hits the road.

"I'm going to higher ground, going to where the water can't reach it, I'm going to get out of here because I know what this will do," Bennett said.

If you feel the need to evacuate but don't have a safe place to do so, Raleigh County Emergency Services has plans in place to open up shelters.

"We have 3 primary shelters that we use that have proven in the past to be very effective," said Raleigh County Emergency Services Management Planner Mark Wilson.

If more resources and shelters are needed, Wilson told us the Salvation Army works with them to open those up.

"If we have to open up more than the 3 designated shelters, they do a really good job for relief in disasters for the public," Wilson said.

To find a shelter closest to you, you can call your county's non-emergency 911 number.