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Appalachian Power ready for ice storm

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Because of the ice storm, some people have been playing it safe and staying inside.

59News reporter Jessie Gavin spoke with Appalachian Power and people in Raleigh County.

She found out how to be careful on the road and what to do if the lights go out at your home.

"We have employees and contractors moving into position today in places we believe the weather will be worse so that we will be prepared when the weather does come," said Phil Moye with Appalachian Power.

When ice and snow hit the roads, causing inclement driving conditions, some choose to play it safe and stay inside.

"On the roads I don't, I hate to travel at night so I just don't go out unless I have to," Raleigh County resident Anne Cook said.

Other Raleigh County residents told 59News they know a thing or two about taking precautions when old man winter hits the hardest.

"We always prepare by getting a little bit of extra gas for the generator, making sure we have plenty of supplies because you never know when the power will be out and how long it will be out for," Gary Hosey said.

"You want to make sure you can communicate, have your cell phones charged with full batteries. Make sure you have plenty of non-perishable food and water," Moye told us.

Moye also suggested using an alternate form of heat.

"A fireplace or natural gas unit or a generator, make sure it's plugged in and working and ready to go," he said.

Once preparations are finished, Hosey told us it's time to relax and enjoy the winter scenery.

"We are preparing by getting some extra food for the house and we are staying where it's warm and viewing it from the inside," said Hosey.