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Iaeger Elementary Students get back to work

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"You go to work Friday and Saturday it's gone it was awful," said Iaeger Elementary teacher Naida Hayslette.

     Three hundred students and their teachers have been without a school for almost two weeks.  Finally Thursday, they're all being welcomed into a new place to call home. The students are split between Bradshaw Elementary and Riverview Highschool. They're using their own supplies but extra rooms that have been turned into classrooms.

"This school, this staff has been awesome they have accommodated us our staff has worked so hard and we have awesome people and it's been an awesome transition for it to be a transition," said Hayslette.

Last week, McDowell County's school board deemed Iaeger Elementary unsafe after the parking lot collapsed into the Tug River.
     But teachers said although the students miss their old school, they're excited about the change.

"They like that it's a bigger room for us, they were worried about their toys but their toys are here so they're happy," said Hayslette.  Some pre-kindergarten students explained to teachers Thursday why they were there, saying that their old school was broke.

"Both receiving schools have been great, we appreciate their support, the children are back in the classrooms their learning it's great," said Iaeger Elementary Principal Sheena Ashby.  They said even being in two separate buildings won't dampen their spirits this year.

"The only problem is that we are separated in two schools but we are trying hard to still act like a family because we are a family," said Hayslette.