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Mercer County people react to bar catching on fire

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People in Mercer County are upset to find out a local bar and grille is closed after it caught on fire.

A local hangout in Princeton is nothing but a shell after it caught fire Sunday evening.
Thankfully, Leo's Pub was closed when the flames started, and no on was injured.
But customers who went to the pub said they and plenty of others are going to miss it.

"My family has been going there for years and it's a very well owned place I'm actually pretty upset there's a lot of people that are upset about it but I think it'll get back on track, with it burning down I think people will realize that it was a great place to go so I hope they get it fixed really fast," said Cassie Thomas.
     Firefighters said it started in the kitchen and they had to cut a hole in the roof to put out the flames.
     One customer said it was a place where anyone was sure to have a good time.

"They used to have dances in the back and I loved that.. It was a place you could go an enjoy yourself and there wasn't a whole lot of trouble out there," said Ronnie Tignor.

     Now, the owner is out of an income and her employee's out of jobs for the time being.
     Leo's customers said they can only hope the bar will be fixed and reopened soon.

"What I liked about it was the people and the atmosphere, and they are really really nice people so I hope they do remodel it and open back up A.S.A.P.," said Tignor.