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Schools still delayed or canceled for one more day

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Temperatures are ABOVE zero this morning and the climb will continue.  Wind chills are around zero or just a little below it this morning.  We'll have dry skies today and that will help things out with some sunshine. 

The temperatures will soar into the 40s over the next 2 days and by Saturday we'll see highs in the mid 50s.  A new storm system moves in on Saturday bringing guaranteed rain to the entire region.  After that another system brings more rain in Sunday night through Monday. 

The next big chill with chances for snow will be here during the middle of next week, possibly on Wednesday and Thursday.


Temperatures continue to fall but not as cold as Monday night.  We still expect lows between 0 and 4 degrees with lighter winds so wind chills should be in the -5 to -10 range instead of -30 range.  Water pipes still run the risk of freezing so if you are concerned with that, you should run a small trickle of water overnight.  As experts have told us, it's cheaper to spend a few dollars running the water than it is to replace pipes.  People attempting to heat pipes with an external heat source or flame should use extreme caution as there have been a few incidents reported earlier in the region on Tuesday when parts of homes caught on fire.  

Records were broken in Parkersburg, Huntington and Beckley for record lows!  Just as we predicted last week the temperatures have been bone chilling.  Wind chill readings were between -20 and -30 degrees.  The higher elevations were even worse.  Snowshoe bottomed out at -20 degrees for the air temperature with a wind chill of -54 degrees!

Temperatures will struggle to make it to 10 degrees for a high and wind chills will not make it above zero until late Wednesday morning.

UPDATE: We will start Tuesday with record setting cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills. Beckley has already dropped to -9 breaking the 102 year old record of -4 set back in 1912. Wind chill values have been recorded at -52 in Snowshoe, Mtn. Wind chill values around the area will be from -20 to -35 to start the day with a Wind Chill Warning for the entire area through the afternoon.

Temps will climb to above zero this afternoon but for most places won't get out of the single digits. Wind chill values will stick to -15 to -10 this afternoon and continue at those reading throughout the overnight. We will see a nice jump in temperatures on Wednesday with most places topping out around freezing. Warmer to wrap up the week with highs on Thursday in the low to mid 40s and near 50 for Friday.
UDPATE: at 9pm Monday night, actual temperature readings are already -3F in Beckley, -2F in Bluefield and -2F in Lewisburg.  A few bands of snow are still falling in the region.  While many areas will not see snow, these bands of snow are capable of putting down another half inch of snow in any given spot.  There is no chance of snow melting so watch for a coating of powdery snow to create slick conditions in spots as well as reducing visibilities.  Wind chills at 9pm are already running -18 to -22F making it hazardous to spend much time outdoors.   
UPDATE: Snow flurries will continue throughout the afternoon and into the overnight as temperatures continue to drop drastically. Wind will gust up to 35 mph throughout the afternoon and into the overnight, making for a deadly combination. By 5pm the air temps will be around 5 degrees with a wind chill near -20. Temperatures will continue to fall to around -10 overnight with wind chills bottoming out around -35. This cold weather can be deadly if you area caught out in it unprepared. If you need to be out overnight or on Tuesday make sure you wear layers with the outer layer being made of something that is wind resistant. A Wind Chill Warning will be in effect for the entire 59 News viewing area from 5pm Monday through Tuesday evening.

The flurries will gradually taper off throughout the overnight as we'll see some late day sunshine on Tuesday but highs will not get out of the single digits. Wind chills will be below zero for the entire day but winds will start to die down into the late evening.

UPDATE: The first winter storm of 2014 has passed through the area leaving behind some light flurries, slick roads and bone chilling cold.  The flurries will last until about midday before clearing out with some late day sunshine. Temperatures will remain cold with highs only reaching the mid to upper teens. Winds will continue to gust throughout the day, up to 30mph, making the wind chill values drop to around -10. The snow that has fallen will stick around for the day and for some areas, possibly through the weekend.

The wind will die down throughout the overnight as lows once again drop to single digits in most areas. We will warm throughout the weekend, 38 for Saturday and 43 for Sunday ahead of the next storm system.

We'll keep you advised on the next approaching storm system as we go throughout the weekend so keep checking back here for the latest updates.

UPDATE: A strong cold front will move through the area today bringing with it some frigid air. We'll start the day with a rain/snow mix but as me move through mid-morning/midday we'll see more rain mixed in as temps rise to upper 30s/low 40s. After the cold front passes, the mix will quickly switch to all snow. This should happen during the evening commute and be all snow by sundown. Temps will quickly drop to single digits overnight as the snow continues to fall. Winds will be gusty out of the NW at 10-20mph with gusts as high as 35mph. This will make it feel more like -10 overnight. Snow will taper off into Friday midmorning as high pressure moves into the area as temperatures remain cold.

SNOW TOTALS: With the system starting off as a rain snow mix, we should get melting at first until the drastic drop in temperatures. Expect 1-3 inches in the lowland areas with higher amounts in the higher terrain. A Winter Weather Advisory for Fayette, Raleigh, Wyoming and McDowell counties and a Winter Storm Warning for Tazewell, Mercer, Summers, Greenbrier and Pocahontas counties from 4pm today(Thursday) until noon of Friday. The higher terrain(Warning Counties) could see 3 to 6 inches of accumulating snow with some of the peaks seeing maybe a few more inches before the system clears out midday Friday.


STORM #1:  Thursday-Friday

A cold front will move through the area on Thursday and will bring a rain/snow mix into southern West Virginia around midday. The cold front will also begin to usher in some MUCH colder air for 2 days across the area.  As we go throughout the late afternoon/evening the temperatures will start to drop changing the mix to snow by 6PM and the snow will continue into the overnight across the area.

SNOW TOTALS: will vary because of the wintry mix. Across the lowlands of Southern West Virginia we'll see anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of accumulations because of the rain that mixes in to start things off.  The mountains of WV will see 2 to 4 inches with isolated amounts on the highest peaks of up to 6 inches.

COLD AIR:  The temperatures for the first day of 2014 will spoil us will a high near 50 degrees but after that we will temperatures drop off at a rapid rate.  Thursday we will see highs in the upper 30s to around 40. Friday morning lows will drop off to digits with highs in most areas just shy of 20.

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STORM #2:  Monday-Tuesday

Temperatures ahead of the next storm have the potential to soar once again to the mid 40s.  This would catch many people off guard with the dramatic swing that will occur as a MAJOR ARCTIC BLAST will move through Monday.  The cold front will move through late Sunday night and if we get a brief bout of rain as the cold air rushes in, this could spell out a potential disaster.  Rain ahead of an arctic front means the potential for a "flash freeze".  The flash freeze of water on surfaces, followed by snow, means that it will be severely slick all across the region for many days.  It will be VERY hard to treat the surfaces and clear all of the slick spots.  This will cause many travel hazards and extra caution will be needed for anyone just stepping out their backdoor.

SNOW TOTALS:  It's very difficult to predict totals this far out but it is safe to say that we will see some accumulations.  Generally speaking, we could see a good dusting to a few inches, not to mention the potential for the ice accumulation with the "flash freeze" underneath the snow layer.

COLD AIR:  Highs on Sunday could reach mid 40s to near 50 degrees in some areas.  Monday's highs could only be in the mid 20s with lows in the mid teens.  Tuesday's highs will have a hard time reaching 15 degrees with lows near ZERO (0) degrees!

WIND CHILLS:  EXTREMELY DANGEROUS wind chills are likely Monday and Tuesday with the possibility of wind chills on Tuesday morning between -10 and -20!  Temperatures in this range usually close schools if not delay them due to the dangerous nature of the cold air.