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Winter weather prompts people to get ready

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While most of the area just saw rain during the day Thursday, we did get reports of black ice in some areas in the morning causing several accidents.

When people heard the storm was coming they went to the grocery store to stock up in case they were stuck at home.

"I guess I think about the storms from the past and people getting snowed in and school being canceled it's crazy," said Carie Jaap.

Most people we ran into were picking up the essentials... milk, water, prescriptions... and the bread aisle was almost empty.

"We're getting ready getting some soup and were going to stay at home," said Roger Huffman.

With a full day of rain, nightfall is sure to bring roadways covered in black ice or a layer of ice under the snow.
But you still need to be aware of icy conditions all day long in the cold temperatures.
If your car has an outside thermometer you can use that to gauge what the roads will be like.
If it's 32 degrees or lower outside the roads are likely icy... if it's warner... they're probably still just wet.

If you don't have a thermometer you can always reach out the window and feel your mirror to see if the water has frozen yet.
Some said after years of driving in dangerous winter weather... they choose not to drive at all.

"I used to drive it, not anymore my husband drives me to and from work," said Tricia Creek.