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Beckley property owner shares plans for "uptown hole"

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January 2nd marks two years since the massive fire that destroyed two buildings in Uptown Beckley.

It happened right on the corner of Neville and Heber Street. The fire caused about a million dollars in damage.  The Beckley Fire Chief still describes this fire as the worst he's ever worked on.
The fire took more than eight hours to put out.
The uptown eye-sore partially belongs to lawyer John Mize.  He shared with 59 News his plans for the spot's future.  Mize said he and his contractor are finishing up plans to build a new home for his law firm.
He said he expects to start construction in just a couple of months.


"We could have put a parking lot in there two years ago... But to say we are spending money to put a brand new building in here to serve the public and generate income.... I think it will have a positive effect on the community and hopefully generate new business," said Mize.

Mize said weather permitting and as soon as they get building permits they should start construction by March.
He said he hopes to have the building ready to move-in by mid- summer.