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How to prevent pipes from freezing, thawing and bursting

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Warmer temperatures could spell trouble when frozen pipes start to thaw in homes and businesses. Several businesses closed today due to broken pipes, including the Raleigh County Courthouse and the Beckley-Raleigh County Commission on Aging.

We are Working for You to find out the steps to prevent pipes from bursting in the first place.

"When pipes freeze they'll swell and they'll get really weak because as ice builds it expands and that causes the pipe to weaken until it bursts," said Robert Modley, President of Modley's Plumbing and Heating.

Modley explained with the warmer days we've seen lately, pipes are now thawing out, causing just as many problems as in the chilly temperatures.

"When the water starts to move again, then it starts to spray all over and cause extensive damage," he told us.

Mr. Modley suggests to call a neighbor or a family friend to come over and check your water and pipes when you go out of town.

Modley gives us tips on how you can help prevent your pipes from busting in the first place.

"Just go around and make sure all the water lines are working properly and the heat is working properly. Insulate the pipes and make sure the wind drafts are taken off the pipes and that the cross base doors are shut," he said.

Instead of trying to fix a bust yourself, the President of Beckley Water Company, Matthew Stanley told 59News there's good reason why you'll want to call on an expert to come repair it.

"They do not want to use an arc welder or an open plane to try to thaw out those lines because the lines then could burst and then they'll be in a bigger predicament than before. The other issue is there might be gas lines within the area, and then you'd have a gas explosion," Stanley said.