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Animal abuse or innocent injury?

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Rumors were flying in the area around the Green Valley Grant's Supermarket after someone found a dog cut and in need of medical attention.

Some said the dog was stabbed... but police said they're not positive it was a knife wound.
They said the dog was definitely cut on it's back and stomach, but they weren't sure caused the incisions.

People living in the area said they were heartbroken to hear about the possible abuse.

"It went through my mind that someone was mean to animals and anyone that would do it to a dog would do it to a human being, because they are harmless," said Virginia Whitaker.

State troopers said the dog looked like a Lab and Boarder Collie mix and they believe it was a stray.
     Troopers said the injuries could have come from something sharp in the area like a barbed wire fence.
     People living in the mobile home park told 59 News they have all kinds of stray animals.
     They said many people there enjoy their company... But most of them are afraid of people after being abused.

The dog was treated at Green Valley Animal Hospital and they said it will now go to the Mercer County Animal Shelter.