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Neighbors rescue elderly gentleman trapped in Hinton house fire

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A home in Hinton caught on fire with an elderly gentlemen trapped inside, right before noon on Monday.

Neighbors saw the smoke and immediately jumped into action.

"We could see smoke coming out of the house, we opened the back door and the house was full of black smoke. We kept hollering for him and my brother went in and pulled him out. He tried to go back in two or three times to try to put it out," said neighbor Timmy Gill.

Summers County Fire Chief, David Adkins told 59News what happened when his crews arrived to fight the blaze.

"We found one room of the home that was on fire, it had been extinguished by a neighbor and the victim had already been pulled out of the house," Adkins said.

Gill said the rescue of elderly gentlemen Russell Bennett couldn't have been possible without the quick actions of his neighbors.

"A lot of neighbors came and we got buckets of water and had thrown that in before the firemen got here. We tried putting it out before they could get here," he said.

Gill shared with us the injuries Bennett suffered.

"He burned his hair and his clothes and around his eyes was really red. He didn't want to go but we talked him into going to the hospital to check his lungs and burns," Gill told us.

Adkins told 59News they're happy because he said with any fire the outcome could have been a lot worse. The home is still salvageable and Mr. Bennett, the homeowner, is expected to make a full recovery.

"This is an extraordinary day. Our department got here and made sure there was no problems, the homeowner can rebuild if he wishes too. All in all this has been a really great day because most of the time we don't get a chance to save the victim," said Adkins.

He also told us if Summers County firemen feel the need, the State Fire Marshall will be called in to investigate the cause. Bennett is being treated at Summers County ARH for minor burns.