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Truck drivers share with us highway conditions

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The snowstorm has given some challenges to travelers Tuesday.

Truck drivers shared with us the conditions they've seen on the highways.

"They're pretty clear for the most part. People are slowing down just to be safe," said Michael Schenk.

"I was at a stop and I woke up and there was snow everywhere," Mike Tomlin told us.

"The further north you go, the worse the roads are. The smaller the roads, the worse the conditions," Schenk said.

Schenk cautioned drivers to take it easy because, with temperatures like these, black ice is most common and most dangerous.

"The thing to look out for is black ice, if the road looks wet but there's no water coming off your tires that's a very good indicator that you're on it," he said.

Tomlin told 59News when it comes to safety, common sense is key.

"When you first come on it's a judgement thing, you have to test the road to see if they're icy and slick. If they are, then you take precautions from there," Tomlin said.

Have you seen any traffic accidents so far?

"Yes, a lot of one vehicle accidents, people losing control, probably driving too fast for these conditions," Schenk told us.

Whether heading from or coming to a winter destination, these truck drivers have seen it all. They shared with us some of their best advice on how we can stay safe and share the roads with them.

"Turn your lights on. Just be a little bit more cautious," said Tomlin.

"Just drive at your comfort level. If you see a truck coming, don't hit your breaks. The best thing is, when you see that trucks are trying to get around you and not stay behind you, you stay to the far right and follow the lanes already paved for you," Schenk told us.

"Leave a little extra space, especially changing lanes. It takes us longer to stop so try not to stop suddenly in front of us," Tomlin said.

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