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Mercer County Schools to compensate for lost instructional days

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Snow and bitterly cold temperatures have resulted in eight "snow days" for Mercer County students so far this winter – exactly the number of days the county built into the calendar to compensate for winter weather.  

According to county information specialist, Kellan Sarles, as of Thursday, Jan. 23, all the scheduled non-instructional days have been repurposed as school days. 

"If bad weather continues to close schools, the county has the option of requiring students to attend on Instructional Support (IS) Days, days usually designated for tutoring, teacher collaboration, and Faculty Senate meetings," said Sarles.
Superintendent Deborah Akers added that there is no provision for lengthening the school year. 

"The last official day for students will be Monday, June 2; the last day for teachers will be June 3," said Dr. Akers  "High school graduation ceremonies will take place the evening of May 23."

The West Virginia legislature recently passed a law to require 180 separate days of instruction for all West Virginia students regardless of weather-related cancellations.  However, lawmakers delayed putting the statute into effect until the 2014-2015 school year.

Sarles said that as of Jan. 23, six Out of School Environment (OSE) days scheduled for March 10, 19, 27, 28, April 11 and May 27 have been converted to regular instructional days.  Likewise, a Continuing Education (CE) Day scheduled for March 3 and a Curriculum Development (CD) Day set for March 31 have also now been designated as regular school days.

March 3 (CE)
Regular School Day
March 10 (OSE)
Regular School Day
March 19 (OSE)
Regular School Day
March 27 (OSE)
Regular School Day
March 28 (OSE)
Regular School Day
March 31 (CD)
Regular School Day
April 11 (OSE)
Regular School Day
May 27 (OSE)
Regular School Day