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What it's like to be a plow truck driver

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Dozens of plow trucks are out across the state working to keep the roads clear.  59News saw first-hand what it is like to be a plow truck driver.

Joe Pack, Assistance Maintenance Engineer with the Division of Highways tells us drivers are working 12 hour shifts everyday, until the roads are clear.

Mark Allen works for the Division of Highways in Raleigh County.  59News took a ride with him down Route 19.

"It's not as much physical, as it is a mental thing - not only having to deal with the snow, but the traffic," said Allen.

Allen told 59News about the difficulties of being a plow truck driver.

"I mean the roads are just as treacherous as they are for everybody else.  I mean the black ice is probably the most scary element out there," said Allen.

Truck drivers focus on primary roads, like state highways first, then they move to secondary roads, according to Pack.  He says before the storms, drivers will often pre-treat the roads with a material that prevents ice from sticking to asphalt.  Then he says typically, drivers will just plow.  After a storm, drivers usually plow and distribute a salt and stone mix on the roads.