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Bud/Alpoca water won't be fixed for another year, PSD says

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We're Working for You to find out how a Wyoming County community is doing after they are now on month 5 of a Boil Water Advisory.

Since September the residents of Bud, Alpoca and the surrounding areas have seen brown water coming out of their faucets. We visited Bud to find out if their water has gotten any better. Herndon Consolidated School Principal Virginia Lusk told 59News how this water problem started in the first place.

"The Alpoca Water system did not have a certified water operator and they were not able to treat the water and now East Wyoming County PSD is treating the water," Lusk said.

Herndon's students, as well as the rest of the community, have been washing their hands with sanitizer, they've been unable to drink the water and they've eaten out of plastic plates and utensils for months. One resident is fed up.

"When the spill hit Charleston, they all whined and the cried down there. But think of it this way, what if you had to do like we do, what if you had to haul your water and buy your water all the time? See, their water is getting fixed, but they're not even considering us," resident Janie Thomas said.

Residents of Bud and Alpoca have to haul their empty gallon jugs and empty tanks all the way to an abandoned coal mine in Herndon just to get access to clean water. The sub-zero temperatures we've seen lately are no help.

If the residents don't buy bottled water or use water from outside sources, they'll need to boil their water to fulfill their basic, everyday needs such as to drink, make coffee, brush their teeth, clean their dishes, and shower with.

Treasurer of the East Wyoming Public Service District, Virgil Shrewsbury, told us what they're doing to fix the problem and his best guess as to when the area will see clean water again.

"After we get a break from the weather, we're going to go back in the filter and see if there's a crack in it and let some of the rusty water out. Once it's bid out and the contractor starts digging, it'll be a year until they'll get the lines completed, the two tanks in the pump station and get everyone hooked up, it'll be at least a year," Shrewsbury told us.

To donate bottled water to the residents of the Bud and Alpoca area, you can drop it off at Herndon Consolidated School.