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West Virginia University Student Advocates head to the Capitol Feb. 4

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West Virginia University Student Advocates for Legislative Advancement, or SALA, will visit the state Capitol Tuesday, Feb. 4 in order to advocate for Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 18.

SALA members have written the legislation, and the group is trying to stress that any additional cuts to higher education funding will be detrimental to the growth and financial well being of West Virginia.

Higher education tuition rates have risen from between 5 percent and 10 percent each year, both in state and nationwide. In conjunction with this statistics, retention rates among West Virginia higher education institutions are falling.

Last year's 7.5 percent cuts created fiscal hurdles for West Virginia higher education institutions.

West Virginia's higher education institutions provide a 40-to-one return on investment to the state. With this substantial ratio, it is SALA's initiative to raise awareness of increasing higher education rates.

SALA members will speak to legislators in both the House and Senate in attempts to further inform state leaders about the negative effects of additional high education budgetary cuts in West Virginia.

"We are calling upon the convictions of our legislators to minimize higher education budgetary cuts so that we may maintain a strong educational investment for the future of West Virginia," said SALA co-chairman Kristen Pennington.

West Virginia University's Student Advocates for Legislative Advancement was founded in 2010 as a nonpartisan student initiative. SALA works to create legislation and advocate for student issues at the state level.