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More water problems for Ronceverte

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If you don't have to wash it, don't. That's the motto in Ronceverte after city hall turned off the water Monday night and put the town on a water restriction, only weeks after a record breaking water boil advisory.

Ronceverte city administrator Reba Mohler said they put the conservation in place as a precaution not to run out of water since they're tanks were not full. "we were told that due to the ice in the river and the muddiness of the river that they were having trouble producing enough water. At that point we immediately issued a water conservation because we knew that what we had in our tanks would be all we would had for our customers so we wanted people to conserve water to make sure everyone would have enough."

Director of Public Works Mark Carver says Ronceverte gets their water from Lewisburg but are on a separate system. Because the levels were off, Public works shut off the water to adjust the levels.

The restriction is now lifted but Monday night Ronceverte residents raced out to the grocery store to get their hands on as many jugs and bottles of water as they could. The town is hopeful there will be no more future problems.